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Presentation Guidelines

The workshop is pretty packed, and there will be not much time for plugging, unplugging, "oh, I need to restart as the resolution does not come right", etc.

Presentation Upload

We have setup an easy way for you to upload your presentation (or additional attachment: images, videos, etc...)
Simply send an email with your attachment(s) to, with Nicolas Manaud and Angelo Pio Rossi in cc.
And you're done!

The overall wiki structure and operational aspects will be described at the beginning and during each relevant session by the respective organizers/chairs. For presentation please note that there will be different presentation types (see Programme), either of 5 or 15 minutes. details below. The workshop allows for extended discussion beyond the 5 minutes, e.g. within Tracks (see Programme).


For Session 1: Introduction

Presentations are 15 minutes long (14 min + 1 min speaker switch).
Q&A/discussion are grouped at the end of each group of 3 presentations.

Keep in mind that the audience has a broad spectrum of scientific and technology knowledge/skills.
Don't hesitate to address open problems and areas suitable to improvement in your work or the projects you present.

Please consult the agenda of Session 1 - Introduction.

For Session 4: Community Building

Presentation times are flexible, but around 10 minutes.
Exact timing will be tuned nearer the time of the session, depending of the number of talks.

Keep in mind that they should help addressing the following topics/objectives:

  • Assessing geospatial mapping community and capacity building at european level
  • Setting the base for possible open, collaborative, community-driven planetary data exploitation
  • Using geospatial standards, approach and tools for non-traditional applications (e.g. atmospheres, plasmas, etc.)

Please consult the Programme and the Session 4: Community Building page.


For Session 3: Open Session (Lightening Talks)

Lightening talks are 5 minutes long (4 min + 1 min speaker switch).

  1. You can come up with slides you already have prepared for a longer talk (eg.: ~15 min).
    In that case you would have to skim through the most relevant ones within the 4-5 min you have, and leave the rest for longer presentation/discussion in the tracks.
  2. Or you can taylor a set of slides suitable for a 4-5 min presentation, and have another longer set of slides ready for the tracks. 

Keep in mind that these talks should ignite curiosity of participants for further discussions and/or contribution during tracks.
→ Don't forget to specify at the end of your talk in which Track you are going to (mostly) attend/contribute to (this can be defined nearer the time).

Track participation

Some of you may have already been contacted by track chairs to discuss your participation, as for exmaple presenter, tool/service demonstrator, discussions moderator. 
If you haven't, please feel free to get in touch with them, before or during the workshop

If you haven't been assigned a lightening-talk time-slot, please check on the list of Abstracts which track your abstract has been assigned to, and get in touch with the corresponding chairs.

Presentation inside tracks are somewhat more flexible, exact format and timing is under the responsibility of track chairs.
Generally, any supporting presentation slides or any additional materials will be appreciated.

Please consult the Programme and the Session 3 - Open Session.

Optional posters

There is no dedicated poster session, but if you want to bring one that you find useful and relevant to the participants, please feel free. There will be some limited space on few dedicated panels.





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