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The current NOMAD Raw and Partially Processed version is 2.0 and all files being generated now use this version number, when this version was introduced all version 1 files were re-processed, hence all observations should have version 2 products. Version 1 products are retained in the PSA archive but a subset will contain issues listed below.

Latest Version:

  • Raw and Partially Processed: Version 2
  • Calibrated: Version 1

Delivery and Publication Status

  • Raw and Partially Processed data products are generated daily
  • No LNO calibrated data has yet been delivered to the PSA
  • Currently the NOMAD team have delivered calibrated SO and UVIS products up to December 31st 2019
  • SO, UVIS and Housekeeping products on to 6 month rolling release, LNO remains on indefinite hold pending completion of calibration by the NOMAD team

Current Issues




March 28 2020 to April 11 2020ExoMars TGO operations were paused at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Minor Issues







C1Currently there are multiple problems associated with the 'on the fly' generated collection and bundle inventory files. The issues are understood, how to implement to the fix is in analysis.2.0In analysisP1381
C2The .csv inventory files do not end with CRLF as required by the PDS standard2.0In ImplementationP1462
C3PDS is changing its LID convention for instruments. This will require a change from
  • urn:esa:psa:context:instrument:cassis.tgo
  • urn:esa:psa:context:instrument:tgo.cassis

Coordination is required to make this update as it has an impact on ingestion and the PSA database. Coordination between all missions and instruments is required. 

2.0In analysisA
C4An internal reference link from partially processed to RAW is missing.2.0In ImplementationE1014
C5In the HK1/HK2 field PUS_TIME_UTC is currently a UTF8_String rather than a time type - this prevents software automatically knowing this is a time-type and plotting/reading as such. The actual datetimes are formatted:
  • 2018-07-17T00:00:26.664349

when it should be ASCII_Date_Time_YMD. In fact, it would be better to add a "Z" to the end of the time format and make the type ASCII_?Date_?Time_?YMD_?UTC to be sure the user knows this is UTC
2.0In ImplementationE1015

We are updating:

  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:satellite.m1_phobos
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:sun.sun
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:star.sirius


  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:satellite.mars.phobos
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:star.sun
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:star.alf_cma
2.0In ImplementationE1016-1018

A problem has been found where the use of the 12hr clock instead of the 24Hr UTC clock was used:

  • Total Num. NOMAD products: 119,877 Num.
  • Number affected: 2,088
  • Affected time range: 2019-09-23 00:00:00 - 2020-02-19 00:00:00

This affects all processing levels. All affected files will be regenerated with the correct time range.

2.0In ImplementationE1010

Fixed Issues

While all data produced by daily processing is assigned version 2.0 updates to the data processing system (DPS) producing Raw and Partially Processed products continue to be made. The DPS version  can be found in the Mission Area of the label.




When FixedData Processing Fix Version
Version 2.0 Issues
O2.1The current context lid_reference
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:calibration.non_science

has been deprecated by PDS. The new context/LID will be:

  • urn:nasa:pds:context:target:calibrator.non_science
2.02020-04-06DPS 3.8
O2.2URLs for NASA sites should be https instead of http2.02020-01-20DPS 3.4
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