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  • Identify coronal reconnection sites by measuring impulsive event material. Also identify possible reconnection sites by inferring the aspect ratio of current sheets (Pucci & Velli, 2014).


    • Target: Quite Sun, Active Regions, Coronal Holes (and their boundaries)
    • Observing mode: Composition mapping, Dynamics
    • Slit: 30''
    • Exposure time/cadence and number of X positions: 180 s, X=32
    • Field of View: 16'x14'
    • Number of repetitions of the study: 5
    • Observation time: 8 hours (1.6 hours per study)
    • Key SPICE lines to be included: Ne VIII 770 Å, Ne VIII 780 Å, Mg IX 706 Å, O II 718 Å, O IV 787 Å, O V 760.4 Å, O V 761 Å, O VI 1032 Å, O VI 1037 Å, Ne VI 999 Å, Ne VI 1010 Å, Mg VIII 772 Å, Mg VIII 782 Å, C III 977 Å, Fe III 1017 Å - 2 profiles and 13 intensities or 4 profiles and 11 intensities (maximum of 15) 
    • Observing window preference: 
    • Other instruments: EUI, PHI, METIS, SoloHI
    • Comments: The choice of lines, and also the number of intensities and profiles, is flexible, although the sum of the intensities and profiles is constrained to a maximum (e.g 15 for composition mapping). While varying the number of intensities and profiles, within the maximum, has no effect on the duration of the study, it will have an effect on the telemetry.