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This page is based on the email sent out by SOC on 7 March 2019, to provide input information for the End-to-End 1 test.

Any new information will be added here as well.

E2E-1 next steps (as sent out on 7 March)

Dear All,

Following SOWG-13, we have now created the long term planning products that will be your input for End to End test 1. Your telemetry corridor and the EFECS have been sent to you by GFTS and can also be found in the Confluence page SOWG 13 LTP exercise Formal Output. On the latter page, you can also find the timeline output from SOOP Kitchen in JSON format, and links to the updated IOR ICD (v1.1), IOR schema (v1.1) and EFECS schema (v2.0) that we will use for the test. The EFECS schema has had a substantial update because of changes in the source data provided by MOC.

Updates to the Telemetry corridor ICD and EFECS ICD are in progress and will be published under SOC Public Documents once they are ready.

In order to start writing IORs, you will also need the latest MIB as sent out by MOC. We will use the same version of the MIB as for SVT-1a. The MIB will be released in a few steps, you can find the incremental versions on the page E2E-1 MIBs , where also the final E2E-1 version will be highlighted.

We have selected the following two STP periods for the E2E test:
STP14, from 2025-09-30 to 2025-10-07, incl. beginning of precursor window for RSW3. 
STP15, from 2025-10-07 to 2025-10-14, incl. start of RSW3 and SlowWindConnection science with all 10 instruments.

For the in situ instruments, please assume you are switched off before the start of STP14, and will need to be switched off before the end of STP15. This is so we can exercise your switch on and switch off command sequences as part of the test. For remote sensing instruments, please assume you will be switched off before the start of STP14 and need to switch on at the time of your first operations (i.e. in the precursor window). Note also the heat shield door operations in the EFECS.

We would like to receive preliminary versions of your IORs (produced by software) by the end of April, so we have the chance to iterate with you and solve any problems before mid-May when we have to send the PORs to the flight control team at ESOC. Therefore we will need the final version of your IORs by close of business on 10 May. We expect your IORs to be sent by GFTS rather than by email.

If you have any questions before we send the remaining ICDs or about the test in general please get in touch.

Best regards,
Andrew, David, Anik for the SOC

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