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Document Description

In order to validate the extended Solar Orbiter ground segment, a series of dedicated tests are to be conducted at Solar Orbiter system level. This document prepares the first end-to-end test. This test validates of the short term planning / routine commanding functionality, involving Instrument Teams, the MOC and the SOC.

This End-to-end test is based around a realistic operations scenario derived from the Long-Term planning performed at SOWG-13.

The principal aim of the first End-to-end test is to validate the ability to command via the IOR mechanism.

Document Release

  File Modified
PDF File SOL-SGS-TS-0025-e2e1-spec-v1.3.pdf May 23, 2019 by Fernando Martin Porqueras
PDF File SOL-SGS-TS-0025-e2e1-spec-v1.4.pdf Aug 08, 2019 by Fernando Martin Porqueras
PDF File SOL-SGS-TS-0025-E2E1-1.4.pdf GSRR version signed Aug 14, 2019 by Luis Sanchez