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Proposed SOOP Coordinators


D. Spadaro, A. Vourlidas, A. Giunta, D. Williams



This SOOP is designed to be used as a whole- or half-orbit Synoptic campaign that scans the Sun from one high latitude to the other (therefore mainly to be used later in the NMP at min inclination of 15º, i.e. orbit 3 or later). Close to the higher latitude windows, we get a radial sweep at nearly constant latitude for in-situ.

This SOOP resembles very much the L_FULL_LRES_MCAD_Coronal-Synoptic but this time SPICE is necessary as well.

We could possibly schedule this SOOP after every Venus GAM.

Default SOOP duration: 10 days

Pointing requirements: mainly disk centre

Triggers: only IS triggers active

EUIFSI Synoptic mode (S) with FSI10 min cadence


One of METIS standard modes to observe large scale coronal structures: GLOBAL or LT-CONFIG
+ CMEOBS whenever a CME is triggered

Model: LTCONFIG (cadence 20mins) and 3 x 1 hour CMEOBS

CME Watch On
could do a slight offpoint without switching metis off, e.g. to poles during RSW1+3 
PHIFDT in general though HRT could be high resolution, medium cadence (TBC) 

at higher latitudes, point to the poles for polar magnetic field observations.

SoloHISoloHI synoptic Operations
Currently modelled as HI_SYN_NEAR 


SPICE Composition Mapping raster followed by multiple instances of SPICE CME Watch

SPICE scans many latitudes during the SOOP : large swath around the sun

magnetic field spiral less curved at higher latitudes:
SPICE naturally closer to connection point

Use observation called SPICE_CME_COMP in modelling.

EPDNormal + Burst Mode
MAGNormal + Burst Mode
RPWDetection ModeBurst Triggers Active
SWANormal + Burst Mode

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  1. In the list of SAP objectives, I would add: (CME evolution) (How does the Sun's magnetic field link into space?)
    4.2     (Properties of the magnetic field at high solar latitudes)
  2. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = LB2