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From SOL-PHI-MPS-MN1500-TN-2

This SOOP was inspired by 2.5 in the MPS document. SOC has added SoloHI. STIX, RPW and EPD will be on anyway

Default SOOP duration: 3 days

Pointing requirements: Disk Centre

Triggers: only IS triggers enabled

SOOP Coordinator



SOOP designed to study the corona while Solar Probe Plus is in quadrature with Solar Orbtier, PHI & EUI provide context, Metis and SoloHI provide imagery of solar wind that will be encountered by solar Probe Plus.

PHIPHI_synoptic_FDT_4 (FDT)Full FoV, 6 hours cadence, 5 quantities


FSI Synoptic mode (S)
MetisMETIS special modes (PROBE mode)1-10 minute cadence depending on heliocentric distace
SoloHISoloHI mode depending on heliocentric distance
STIXSTIX Normal Mode
EPDNormal Mode
MAGNormal Mode
RPWDetection ModeBurst Triggers Active
SWANormal Mode

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments
1.2.2 What mechanisms heat and accelerate the solar wind?helmet streamersseveral hours METIS at high cadenceSPP in quadrature with Solar OrbiterMETIS co-observations required

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  1. Anonymous

    (Andreas Lagg): The original proposer of this SOOP was Bernd Inhester.

  2. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = LF6