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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

A. Vourlidas, R. Wimmer-Schweingruber, D. Spadaro, A. De Groof


This SOOP is aimed at measuring in-situ SEPs properties and kinetics and linking them to the observing SEPs CME acceleration.  Location, timing, and motion of CMEs and shocks.

SoloHI and Metis are leading this SOOP, while IS payload provides continuous observations. Disk centre pointing needed.

Default SOOP duration: 10 days

Pointing requirements: disk centre

Triggers: IS+Metis triggers active

SoloHI (leads)SoloHI Shock and Synoptic modes
Metis (leads)METIS standard modes GLOBAL, METIS special modes CMEOBS

Disk centre pointing needed

EUIFSI Synoptic mode (S)FSI 10 min cadence (default)
STIXSTIX Normal Mode
EPDEPD Normal Mode
MAGMAG Normal Mode
RPWRPW Normal Mode
SWASWA Triggered Mode or SWA Burst Mode (Scheduled)

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Where and when are shocks most efficient in accelerating particles?

Corona + Heliosphere

Particles acceleration


Good radial spread.Good to have Metis compatible

SWA 5 minutes captures

SoloHI needed for estimating the total CME energy

FSI not needed Intensity variability


Gradual SEP events


Preferable with Earth images and SO +/- 70 degrees from Earth-Sun line (probably because gradual events extend up to 100 degrees in longitude)Metis compatible

MAG/RPW/SWA not needed

FSI 5 min cadence for source identification (FSI is 10 min cadence by default) Are there favourable environments for particle acceleration?Corona + Heliosphere


FSI 10 min cadence (default)

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  1. Disk center pointing is preferable for Solohi 

    I'm not sure on the trigger status for SolohI but I'd suggest triggering on STIX if flare > M5 or so for those that can use triggers. 

    I'd suggest running this when SPP is within 0.25 AU and optimally to the east of SO (to triangulate the CME shocks).

  2. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = LF7