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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

R. Gomez Herrero, S. Krucker, T. Horbury, C. Owen, A. Walsh


This SOOP is aimed at understanding X-Ray emission from energetic particles. STIX is leading this SOOP, while IS payload provides continuous observations.

Default SOOP duration: currently modelled to run during all RSwindows

Pointing requirements: disk centre preferred but not mandatory

Triggers: enabled


STIX (leads)

STIX Normal Mode











MAG Normal Mode + MAG Burst Mode



EPD Normal Mode + EPD Burst Mode



RPW Normal Mode + Burst modes

Triggers on


SWA Normal Mode and SWA Burst Mode (Scheduled)


SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments How can SEPs be accelerated to high energies so rapidly?

Corona + Heliosphere

Particles acceleration






SWA Burst mode Flare seed particles.

Corona & Heliosphere

SEP events with large initial Fe/O ratios

Particles accelerated by flares



Close to perihelion How are so many electrons accelerated on such short time scales to explain the observed hard X-ray fluxes?

Corona & Heliosphere

X-ray signatures of energetic particle interactions at loop footpoints, or on loops themselves



Perihelion (if possible, but to be connected to earth is more important)

Best when the solar limb from SO is connected to Earth, or other s/c (not necessarily the limb, but behind the limb, up to 20 degrees)


To use RS context from Earth 

STIX: High-cadence energy resolved imaging Measurements of SEP events time profiles and anisotropy in order to probe solar wind turbulenceHeliosphereStatisticsClose to perihelion and different range of distances 

Needs to be done for a range of distances to monitor the SEP contributions from solar source and IP turbulence

Also partly addressed by I_DEFAULT or better with L_IS_SoloHI_STIX. Identify dropouts and measure scattering of SEPs by turbulence.     

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  1. Will this be used all the time? Right now I have two SOOPS, one for IS and one for STIX.  The advantage of 2 is that STIX can be used just during RSW. If STIX is off outside of RSW,  and I create this one I have to end the separate soops to schedule the combined one. Otherwise I can add STIX to each of the RSWs of each of the MTPs.

  2. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = LI1