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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

R. Gomez Herrero, A. Vourlidas, S. Krucker, T. Horbury, C. Owen, A. Walsh


This SOOP is aimed at measuring variability in SEP events trough corona and heliosphere. IS instruments provide continuous observations while SoloHI gives spatial context. 

Default SOOP duration: 10 days

Pointing requirements: disk centre

Triggers: enabled

SoloHISoloHI Shock or Turbulence and Synoptic modesThe distance to the sun will define the SoloHI mode: shock and turbulence mode, in combi with HI_SYN_PER to be scheduled only within 0.4AU, further out only synoptic modes (HI_SYN_NEAR or HI_SYN_FAR).
STIXSTIX Normal ModeNeeded only for
EPDTriggered Burst Mode 
MAGMAG Normal Mode and MAG Burst Mode
RPWRPW Normal Mode and RPW Burst Mode 
SWASWA Triggered Mode or SWA Burst Mode (Scheduled) 




SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Warped shock fronts

Corona + Heliosphere

Gradual SEP events



Good radial spread.



Multiview point data preferred to address this objective

IS Triggered burst Turbulence and inhomogeneities

Magnetic field, plasma wave and solar wind measurements to determine turbulence levels and identify shock passages


Good radial spread. 
Near Perihelion (EPD)

 EMC Quiet 

SoloHI is used with Solarprobe (turbulence mode).

Burst Modes: scheduled or triggered.

MAG: high-cadence magnetic field

RPW: high-cadence electric and magnetic field, power spectral densities Measurements of SEP events time profiles and anisotropy in order to probe solar wind turbulence



StatisticsClose to perihelion and different range of distances 

Needs to be done for a range of distances to monitor the SEP contributions from solar source and IP turbulence

SoloHI Turbulence mode


Also partly addressed by I_DEFAULT or L_IS_STIX.

3.2.3 Properties of near-Sun shocks, their fluctuations and particle accelerationCorona + Heliosphere


PerihelionEMC Quiet

MAG burst mode (good trigger needed)

SWA burst mode (triggered)


SoloHI Shock mode

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