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TO BE REVIEWED: which objectives below need any support from RS? If so, which one? 
Current SPICE + EUI/HRI operations are tailored to address the distribution of electron energies rather than ions: should be maybe moved to its dedicated SOOP?


This SOOP is aimed at mapping coronal, inner-heliosphere suprathermal population and characterize them as a function of time, energy and location (in particular near the shocks). 

EUI and SPICE will run at a comparable cadence to link 30.4nm, Ly beta and Ly alpha observations, to analyse the distribution of the electron energies (Maxwellian or not): spatial resolution more important than temporal. It is not clear though how the ion population properties in the low corona (see objectives below) can be addressed using Solar Orbiter RS data.

Metis is not essential but interesting for context (coronal configuration).

SOOP to be scheduled both at perihelion windows as farther out (with limb pointing) to address all objectives. 

It needs off-pointing to a target likely to produce SEPs, and limb-pointing for one specific objective (see below). SOOP duration min 1 day (TBC).

Modelled SOOP duration: 1 day

Pointing requirements: offpointing to targe

Triggers: only Metis and IS triggers


MetisMETIS standard modes GLOBAL, METIS special modes CMEOBS

Not essential

It starts after CME flag rise, min. obs time 1 hr (high cadence, 1 min), data volume ~ 2.137 Gb

SPICESPICE CME WatchSPICE LyBeta, rasters built up with 30s exposures (90 mirror positions are current default)
SoloHISoloHI Shock and Synoptic modes 
PHIPHI_synoptic_FDT_4Not absolutely needed
STIXSTIX Normal Mode 

FSI Synoptic mode (S), EUV & LYA Active Region modes (A) much lower cadence (coordinated with SPICE CME)
-> simulate as EUI_HRI_AR (EUV_CADENCE = 600 [s] LYA_CADENCE = 600 [s]) 


EUI/HRI_LyAlpha to compare to SPICE LyBeta: proposal to image at 5min cadence (~9 HRI images for each SPICE raster) with LyAlpha channel only
-> results in 12kbits/s for HRI only (orbital alloc 20kbps) -> can be run for long time!

& EUI/FSI_304 at the same cadence: 5 mins


EPD Normal Mode and Burst Mode

Mainly SIS and HET

SWASWA Triggered Mode or SWA Burst Mode (Scheduled), and SWA Normal Mode


MAGMAG Normal Mode and MAG Burst Mode 
RPWRPW Normal Mode and RPW Burst Mode 
SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Characterization of the suprathermal population



  • Solar wind ions
  • Flare populations
  • Gradual SEP events
  • Pickup ions
  • Other particle populations

Map inner-heliosphere suprathermal ions


5 min captures of shock near perihelion

Several days during SEP evolution in normal mode.

 Near perihelion



Metis, & SoloHI not crucial for this objective

IS Normal mode sufficient Characterize the suprathermal elemental and charge-state composition as a function of energy, time and location.


Corona + Heliosphere

Map coronal and inner-heliosphere suprathermal ion pool

Seed population specification from the heavy ion composition of solar wind and suprathermals in the inner heliosphere



5 min captures of shock near perihelion

Several days during SEP evolution in normal mode.

Near perihelion 

EPD: Time resolution 30 s< 0.5 AU,

1 min>0.5 AU


Metis, & SoloHI not crucial for this objective

IS Normal mode sufficient Role of shocks in generating SEPs


Corona + Heliosphere

Imaging of coronal suprathermal seed population

Shock and turbulence parameters


5 min captures of shock

Several days during SEP evolution in normal mode.

Better to be handled NOT at perihelion: spatial coverage more important than resolutionIf possible Metis compatible

SPICE at limb (instead of the former Metis spectrometry), at edge of AR

IS Burst mode

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