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Planning-related documents

SOL-ESC-TN-12000_MPC: Mission Planning Concept (Iss 2.0, March 2019)

SOL-ESC-IF-05010_PLID: Planning Interface Control Document (Iss 1.4, Aug 2019)

Data-related documents

EGOS-GEN-EDDS-EUICD: EDDS External User Interface Control Document (Iss 13,  May 2017)

SOL-ESC-IF-05011_DDID: Solar Orbiter Data Delivery Interface Control Document (Iss 1.2, June 2019)

Procedures-related documents

SOL-ESC-IF-10002_FOP-ICD: Solar Orbiter Instrument FOP Procedure Input ICD (Iss 2.0, Jun 2014)

SOL-ESC-PL-10001_FOPPP: Solar Orbiter FOP Preparation Plan (Iss 1.2, Jan 2017)

SOL-EST-RS-4095_UM-DRD: Solar Orbiter Instrument User Manual DRD (Iss 1.2, Dec 2015)



egos-mcs-s2k-icd-0001-version7.2 : SCOS-2000 Database Import ICD (iss 7.2, Final version, Dec 2019)

Known deviations to this ICD

For applicable MIB and FOP, see MIB and FOP

EDDS example files (from MOC EDDS, but created by SOC)

TC-related example files

MDOR/PDOR example files and link to tool (from Bepi)

PDOR/MDOR examples (from Bepi) and tool link