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Feb 2020 Early mission phases 

The Feb 2020 trajectory is identical to the Feb 2019 trajectories except for the first year that is removed. For Cruise this means that after the LEOP and NECP activities (97 days in total) only ~1,5 years are left for Cruise Phase IS science and RS characterisation.

The following movies and plots show the early mission trajectory, up to Earth GAM 1 when the Nominal Mission starts:

Feb 2020 Cruise Phase Orbit Plots by Planning Period

Feb 2020 Science phases 

Animated Versions of the Orbit Plots

The following movie files are also available, to be run in 3Dview:

You can load the files in the tool through the menu ‘File/New Scene’ and then ‘File/Open File’. 
You can create your own scene, e.g. covering the whole mission, through ‘File/New Scene’ and then ‘File/Manage Scene’. You can also generate movies from the chosen scene.

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