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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

A. Giunta, S. Parenti, D. Berghmans, D. Spadaro, A. Fludra, L. Harra, D. Baker


Mapping the abundance of minor ions as a function of height in the corona to distinguish between slow and fast wind. This will be targeted at the boundary of a streamer, or at an active region on the limb. SPICE-led.

Default SOOP duration: 3 hrs

POinting requirements: off-pointing close-in / disk-centre farther out

Triggers: disabled

EUIHRI observations, e.g. in EUV & LYA Active Region modes (A). Cadence TBD (currently modelled with 360s cadence, i.e. 20.2 kbps)Context and also higher (than SPICE) cadence observations in order to interpret the SPICE composition map


One of METIS standard modes before main observations, get coronal context, but will not participate at limb pointing (unless s/c at large heliocentric distance): mode TBD
Currently modelled as WIND
Context especially important for streamers

FDT synoptic data: 1024 x 1024 pixels, at 6 hr cadence

Ic, B, γ, φ


PHI is needed for context magnetic field, but mainly before or after the SPICE observations as the target will be on the limb!


SPICE Composition Mapping

  • Slit: 6"
    • At larger distances, when possible, use narrow slit (4"), to enhance spatial resolution.
  • Exposure time: 180 s
  • X positions: 60
  • FoV:  6' (or 4') x 11'
  • Observation time: 3 hours per repeat
  • Nº repeats: depends on target

Lines for SPICE Composition Mapping:

– 15 lines (2 profiles+ 13 intensities)

  • Ne VIII 770 Å,

  • Ne VIII 780 Å,

  • Mg IX 706 Å,

  • O II 718 Å,

  • O IV 787 Å,

  • O V 760 Å,

  • O V 761 Å,

  • O VI 1032 Å,

  • O VI 1037 Å,

  • Ne VI 999 Å,

  • Ne VI 1010 Å,

  • Mg VIII 772 Å,

  • Mg VIII 782 Å,

  • C III 977 Å,

  • Fe III 1017 Å

( L_BOTH_HRES_LCAD_CH-Boundary-Expansion assumed to be default.)


SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Abundance of minor ions as a function of height in the corona as indicator of slow or fast wind

Limb active region (incl the edges), or streamer boundary at limb

3.2 hours, twiceAny RSW is okay, but perihelion preferred for the AR case, and >0.55AU is preferred for the streamer case (requires Metis compatibility)
put EUI in at least twice the cadence of SPICE to interpret composition map (and possible aliasing in time)

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