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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

D. Berghmans, A. Giunta, A. Zhukov


High resolution observations of ARs or other solar features to discover the finest scales. SOOP with low cadence observations as we do not aim at analysing dynamics here. Perihelion preferred.

Pointing requirements: may be run at disk centre or offpointed (without metis)

Default SOOP duration: 12 hours (TBC)

Triggers: disabled

EUIHRI in highest resolution, e.g. in EUV & LYA Quiet Sun modes (Q) or EUV & LYA Active Region modes (A) - LOW CADENCE: 10minsbest at perihelion. Model AR mode, 10 mins cadence


HRT in highest resolution, e.g PHI_vector_HRT1 with cadence 10mins
(or PHI_nominal_FDT/HRT_0 with much lower cadence)-> best mode TBD by PHI team
PHI need depending on science goal
SPICEone of the high res modes, depends on science goal. Model as SPICE Dynamics (highest resolution mode).may be needed for waves and/or temperature structure discrimination, depending on science goal
Metisin one of METIS standard modes, e.g. MAGTOP with 10mins cadence (=default) may be part of this SOOP for off-limb observations (close to perihelion only) like plumes

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Resolve the geometry of fine elemental loop strands

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  1. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = RS8