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General description

SOOP designed to address polar magnetic field objectives that don't necessarily rely on the the highest resolution and cadence PHI data, nor all five physical parameters that PHI can return. The rest of the remote sensing observations provide supporting data.

Default SOOP duration: Several days

Pointing requirements: Poles

Triggers: disabled

Observations requirement (baseline)

PHIPHI_magnetograph_HRT_2 (HRT), 2-5 mins cadence, no binningFull FoV, 2-5 minute cadence, 3 quantities, no binning


FSI Synoptic mode (S)

EUV & LYA Coronal hole modes (C)

Keep defaults for now, could potentially match PHI cadence

SPICESPICE_fast_wind (SPICE Pseudo-observations for SOOPs)
SoloHINormal observing programme
MetisOff pointing so door closed
STIXNormal observations

Science objectives

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Determine where energy is deposited in the solar windOff limb corona

measure line intensities, estimate electron density
4.1 How is magnetic flux transported to and re-processed at high solar latitudes?High Latitudes

4.2 What are the properties of the magnetic field at high solar latitudes?Solar Polesrepeated high cadence bursts of several days durationhigh latitudes, median to high resolutionsoff pointing so no Metis

4.4 Are there separate dynamo processes acting in the Sun? (4.3.1)

4.5 How are coronal and heliospheric phenomena related to the solar dynamo?

Instances run / planned

LTP6 (run):

2022-03-06 and 03-30 (SOOP coordinators: A. Zhukov)

LTP9 (run)

2022-10-16 (SOOP coordinators: A. Fludra)

LTP11 (planned):

2022-03-29 (SOOP coordinators: A. Zhukov)

2022-04-24-25 (SOOP coordinators: J. Sinan)

Science outcomes

Ref of paper using the SOOP data

Further information

From SOL-PHI-MPS-MN1500-TN-2

This SOOP is inspired by science goal 1 of 2.3 in the MPS document and is also consistent with the second part of 2.1 (apart from the number of physical quantities)

Original SOOP proposers

A. Fludra

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