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Statement of SOC and MOC compliance to instrument-driven requirements applicable to the ground segment, as specified in the instruments' EID-B's.

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PDF File SOL-SGS-SC-0001-EIDBCompliance-2.1.pdf Updated after GSRR Oct 08, 2019 by Luis Sanchez
PDF File SOL-SGS-SC-0001-EIDBCompliance-2.0.pdf GSRR version Oct 08, 2019 by Luis Sanchez
PDF File SOL-SGS-SC-0001-EIDBCompliance-1.0.pdf Issue 1, Revision 0, Date 2016-03-31 Aug 20, 2019 by Daniel Galan Prados

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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SOL-SGS-SC-0001-EIDBCompliance.xlsx Oct 08, 2019 by Anik De Groof