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latest release date2021-12-16


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Technical note describing the ancillary data that SOC will produce as SPICE kernels and CDF files, and how it will be distributed to the SGS and wider scientific community.

Document Releases

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PDF File SOL-SGS-TN-0017-ANCData-0.4.pdf Dec 04, 2019 by Andrew Walsh
PDF File SOL-SGS-TN-0017-ANCData_1.0.pdf Dec 17, 2021 by Andrew Walsh
PDF File SOL-SGS-TN-0017_ANCData_0.3.pdf Aug 23, 2018 by Andrew Walsh
PDF File SOL-SGS-TN-0017_ANCData_0.2.pdf Sep 18, 2017 by Andrew Walsh
PDF File SOL-SGS-TN-0017_ANCData_0.1.pdf Jan 24, 2017 by Andrew Walsh

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Microsoft Word Document SOL-SGS-TN-0017-ANCData.docx Dec 17, 2021 by Andrew Walsh