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Welcome to the Solar Orbiter SOC repository of public documentation.

Quick Links to ongoing activities

Upcoming Activities 

Roadmap for Planning Activities & Related Work  (red star) updated 

LTP06 Q1-2022 (red star) updated after SOWG #19 and release of LTP06 plan

LTP07 Q2-2022 (red star) updated in preparation of LTP07 planning

STP-168 to 182 Schedule & STP-183 to STP-197 Schedule: Schedule for upcoming STPs 

Mission and Long Term Planning of Cruise Phase:

All orbit plots updated post-launch: Orbit Plots 

Cruise Phase 

TNs released with detailed description of RS coordinated calibration campaigns - see SOC Public Documents 

Page for collaborations with PSP: SO-PSP Coordination WG 

Context for Short Term Planning & IORs:

Applicability of MIB versions can be found in MIB and FOP.

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