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STATUSMIB nameRelease notesCorresponding FOPApplicability



New RPW burst mode sequences (for STP 171 targeted MIB)

PHI 2 new sequences + 1 sequence update (for use in STP172)


RPW sequence updates and EUI FSW related changes

For RPW -needed for STP179,  EUI  -no effect on SOC

can be used by all instruments from STP176

METIS & RPW updates for STP 180. Required for those instruments. Can be used by all others.
  • Update of SPICE CMS sequences (delayed from August) allowing new parameter formats
  • introduction of new switch-on sequence for Metis (not permitted via IOR until STP-187).

New MIBs are expected in from STP181 however the SOC will not update until STP187. 

STPs 183-187 will be opened on  MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (applicable from STP 180).

All instruments can therefore use MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (STP 180 MIB) for 183-187 for IORs.  Any IORs sent using a later MIB, need to also be compatible with MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (STP 180 MIB). This is case for SPICE.

From STP 187 in January, instruments will be able to use the new MIB for IORs if needed.