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Comment: add corresponding eps observations


Based on table above:

  • a typical perihelion programme would produce 24.7kbps ~25kbps (during 4 days), -> see modelled observations HI_SHOCK_PER (DATARATE=30300 [bits/sec]), HI_TURB_PER (DATARATE=26500 [bits/sec]), 
  • near-perihelion SoloHI would produce ~20kbps (during 8 days) , 18.4kbps -> see modelled observation HI_SYN_PER (DATARATE=20300 [bits/sec])
  • ~18.5kbps even further out (during 12 days) and) and -> see modelled observations HI_SYN_NEAR (DATARATE=19700 [bits/sec])
  • in the far-out RSwindow, a datarate of typically 8.5kbps around 10 kbps would be reached. -> see modelled observations HI_SYN_FAR (DATARATE=10300 [bits/sec])

(see also SoloHI concept study report Dec 2011)