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Comment: update PHI mode



FSI in synoptic
HRI in CH mode at cadence ~ 900s;



PHI/HRT synoptic program:
HRT in PHI_magnetograph_FDT/HRT_2 at 900-s cadence (best mode to be defined)

ideally regular flushes;


SoloHISoloHI: Nominal synoptic perihelion programModel as HI_SYN_NEAR

SPICE composition & dynamics interleaved

Use observation called SPICE_WIND_CONNECT in modelling.

STIXSTIX Normal Mode 
EPDNormal Mode + regular burst modeClose mode until at least the end of RSW
MAGNormal Mode + regular burst mode 
RPWNormal Mode + regular burst modeBurst Triggers Active, selective OK.
SWANormal Mode + regular burst mode