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Description of the objective:

Abundance of minor ions as a function of height in the corona as indicator of slow or fast wind (Antonucci et al., 2006).


METIS can no longer contribute for abundance but can only give context for coronal configuration
limb pointing 
both with limb AR + along the boundary of the streamer
farther out, to have metis for context as well 
spice with narrow slit to enhance resolution further out & detailed enough to properly measure abundance
(target stays long at limb)




  • This is a SPICE-led observation. METIS cannot contribute to the study of the abundance, but it can give the context of the coronal configuration before the limb off-pointing or farther out.
  • After METIS observations, we need to off-point to the limb in order to observe either a limb active region and/or along the boundary of a streamer.
  • SPICE will observe with a narrow slit in order to enhance the resolution for properly measuring the abundance. A typical duration would be of 3.2 h.
  • In the case of streamers, a bigger height can be studied from farther out, it is better to observe from a distance >0.55 AU (for METIS support). In the case of active regions, the perihelion is preferred for higher resolution.
  • It might be difficult to address this objective at the maximum of solar activity.
  • This observation should be tested at least once to see if it works and depending on the success, re-plan it in the future.


The SOOP R_SMALL_HRES_LCAD_Composition-vs-Height is specifically designed for (and currently only serves) this objective.