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  •   Identify reconnection exhausts in the solar wind. How large are the reconnection rates and energy dissipation in current sheets?


Operational requirements table: 


YES / NO / Not required / MAYBE / GOOD TO HAVE / NUMBERS
Duration of the observationsA few hours.But this cannot be planned.
PerihelionGood to have 
RS windowNoIS only
High latitudeGood to haveAll latitudes
Solar cycle dependenceGood to have 
Radial dependenceYes 
Linkage scienceNo 
Multiple orbitsGood to have 
Far side observationsNo 
Earth observationsNo 
EMC QuietYes 
SPPGood to have 
InstrumentsSWA, MAG, RPW, EPD

IS only


Required observations:

  • Action for Jonathan Eastwood (Tim): determine ideal conditions for observing reconnection exhausts in the solar wind 
  • SWASWA Normal Mode, A few hours, Other instruments: MAG, RPW, EPD.
  • MAGMAG Normal Mode for identifying reconnection sites, flux erosion, etc. MAG Burst Mode for waves associated with ion beams. Determine when is best to 
  • RPW


  • A few hours.

Other constraints: