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  • Photospheric reconnection (Borrero et al., 2010; Martínez Pillet et al., 2011; Borrero et al., 2013; Requerey et al., 2015).



Required observations:

  • SoloHI: Contribute (mode: synoptic+shock+turbulence), no min. obs time, all distances.
  • METIS: Measurement of the electron density through the polarised brightness in VL (580-640 nm) in the field of view 1.5-2.9 degrees to derive the evolution of the magnetic field topology from the global corona evolution in different time-scales.
    • Products:
      • Global maps of the electron density in corona/coronal configuration.
    • Modes:
      • MAGTOP (min. obs time 2 hr, data volume ≤ 480 Mb)
      • GLOBAL (min. obs time 2 hr, data volume ≤ 300 Mb)
        Repeated each half a day in one observation window.
    • Other instruments: PHI, EUI, SoloHI, MAG, SWA.


Other constraints: