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      • Mostly IS Driven.
      • Target: Prominence, Active Regions.
      • Observing mode: CME Watch (with possibility to measure Doppler velocities).
      • Slit size: 6” 
      • Exposure time/cadence and number of X positions: 30 s, X=160 
      • Field of View: 16’×11’ 
      • Number of repetitions of the study: Number of repetitions driven by IS.
      • Observation time per day: The total observation time depends on the number of repetitions. 1.3 hours per study.
      • Key SPICE lines to be included: ?
      • Observing window preference: 
      • Other instruments: EUI, PHI, all IS.
      • Comments:  The choice of lines, and also the number of intensities and profiles, is flexible, although the sum of the intensities and profiles is constrained to a maximum (e.g 15 for composition mapping). While varying the number of intensities and profiles, within the maximum, has no effect on the duration of the study, it will have an effect on the telemetry.