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  • Understand the transport of electrons from the coronal acceleration site down to the hard X-ray footpoints (Miller et al., 1997; Önel et al., 2007; Battaglia and Benz, 2007). 
  • Understand effects of non-uniform plasma ionisation (Kontar et al., 2003), return current (Zharkova and Gordovskyy, 2006), and beam-plasma interaction via various plasma waves (Kontar, 2001).
  • Partially limb-occulted flare observations: provide unique information about the suprathermal electrons closest to the site in the corona where their acceleration is believed to occur (Krucker and Lin, 2008).
  • Study coronal phenomena in hard X-rays associated with CMEs:
    • Highly occulted events associated with fast backside CMEs (Krucker et al., 2007), non-thermal bremsstrahlung.
      • Produced by flare-accelerated energetic electrons (>10 keV) trapped in magnetic structures related to the CME or
      • Accelerated in CME current sheets or other coronal magnetic restructuring related to the CME.
  • Explore the consequences of particle acceleration by Alfvén waves created by the magnetic reconfiguration during magnetic reconnection (Fletcher & Hudson, 2008).



  • SoloHI: Contribute (mode: shock+synoptic), no min. obs time, all distances, w/EUI-STIX-METIS.