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SoloHI consists of 1 white-light telescope with wide FOV. However, data The image is captured on a mosaic of four 2048x1920 APS detectors that are read out independently. This gives flexibility for image operations: independent exposures, cadences, etc.). Data can be read out either from the whole detector or from well-defined subfields:selected subfields.

Typically, SoloHI images will have one of 3 typical FOVs defined below. These are used in the observing programs/modes currently defined but could be changed in-flight if necessary.

 detector size (radial x transverse)FOV (radial x transverse)TM/raw imagecompression rates
SoloHI Full frame image

3968 px * 3968 px

5º-45º x 5º-45º (40ºx40º)

info missing

lossless (factor 2.5) - lossy (up to 50)

SoloHI inner FOV subframe image

192 px * 512 px

5.8º-7.68º x 5º (1.88ºx5º)

13.5º-15.38º x 5º

18.5º-20.38º x 5º

Radial Swath subframe image

3968 px * 512 px

5º-45º x 5º (40ºx5º)