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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

D. Berghmans, A. Giunta, J. Hirzberger, D. Spadaro, D. Long, L. Green


General description

Full-Disk, high resolution SOOP designed to catch eruptive events.  


Triggers: enabled for both IS and RS

Observations requirement (baseline)

EUIGlobal Eruptive Event Mode: FSI Global eruptive event mode (G)Triggered:

EUI will be in global mode all the time (i.e. full SOOP length) but it will only prioritize the data of 1-2 events. 

Global mode generates 4,42 Gbit/hr. Let's say for now that we flush 2 hrs of data = ~8Gbits.


METIS standard modes: GLOBAL + CMEOBS on trigger

(modelled as 2 CME events of 1 hr in the 1-day-SOOP)

CME Trigger on

FDT, 2-5 minute cadence, highest spatial resolution
(PHI_nominal_FDT/HRT_0 with FDT and 5 mins cadence)

Selection of data so will check LLD
SoloHICombination of shock and synoptics at perihelionCombine HI_SHOCK_PER + HI_SYN_PER (each 50% of time)


SPICE Composition Mapping (or alternatively SPICE Dynamics at start,

then SPICE Waves mode (sit-and-stare)

Off-pointing would be interesting for SPICE, but even if disk-centre pointed Composition mapping or Dynamics (both with the maximum SPICE FOV) should be ran before running Waves sit-and-stare.

SPICE_WAVES has been used for modelling SAP v.0

STIXStandard Operations: STIX Normal Mode
MAGNormal Mode
EPDNormal Mode
RPWDetection ModeDetection algorithms active
SWANormal Mode

Science objectives

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments CME initiationFull Disk1 Day (limited by EUI/PHI internal memory)Perihelion preferred. Quadrature with Earth preferred. Interesting throughout the solar cycle.No offpointing beyond Metis limit.

EUI/PHI at highest cadence appropriate to spatial resolution (could be slower if further away). SPICE Sit & Stare in waves mode to try and catch EUV waves.

Metis Modes:

  • GLOBAL (before the event, if possible), min. obs time 2 hr, data volume ≤ 300 Mb.
  • CMEOBS, starts after CME flag rise, min. obs time 1 hr (high cadence, 1 min), data volume ~ 2.137 Gb.
  • GLOBAL (after the event), min. obs time 2 hr, data volume ≤ 300 Mb.

Instances run / planned


2022-03-22 to 30 (SOOP coordinators: D. Spadaro)


2022-10-28, 2022-10-30 to 11-06 (SOOP coordinators: D. Spadaro)


2023-03-22 to 27 (SOOP coordinators: D. Spadaro)

Science outcomes

Ref of paper using the SOOP data

Original SOOP proposers

D. Berghmans, A. Giunta, J. Hirzberger, D. Spadaro, D. Long, L. Green