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STATUSMIB nameRelease notesCorresponding FOPApplicability

STIX/SPICE/PHI /SOLOHI/SWA update on OPSLAN (for STP 162) , delivered 6th August.

Note that this is the MIB used for the start of Block 3 in STP-158 to 167 Schedule, so all instruments should use this for STPs 162 and 163 if at all possible.



EUI UPDATE needed for STP164 onwards  (+ TBC if update New EUI ME heater line sequences (ATCF902K and ATCF902L will be SOC plannable, to be applied by autumn possibly in a later release)

Due 15/9/2021

MIB updates for METIS command reduction OBCPs. Applicable from 167 version 2

 EPD  tidy up for September (STP 168 for use 169) 21/09/2021 (TBC)

New RPW sequences


New RPW burst mode sequences (for STP 171 targeted MIB)


MIB applicability

Once a planning block is open, you can continue to use the MIB with which the block was opened for the whole block, as long as there are no new MIB updates during that block affecting your instrument. However you must update to the new MIB for the next block.