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SWA IDB (including TC changes needed with new FSW) , expected 20 May

METIS flag change

to be used by affected instruments from stp206
STATUSMIB nameRelease notesCorresponding FOPApplicability

Applicable for Metis and PHI from STP-204 onwards.

Applicable for all instruments from STP-205 onwards. 

METIS HVU ramp up update after UVDA test (FCR-1016)/METIS HVU ramp down update after UVDA test (FCR-1018):  update required for resuming UV operations. Additional Op/Non-Op config for PHI around annealing.


Applicable for Metis and SWA from STP-206 onwards.

All instruments can use this version.

MIB applicability

Once a planning block is open, you can continue to use the MIB with which the block was opened for the whole block, as long as there are no new MIB updates during that block affecting your instrument. However you must update to the new MIB for the next block.