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  • All payload campaigns requested for NECP made it into NECP schedule 5.7. So we assume they all get covered before LTP1
  • LTP1 covers 2 weeks (15-29 June) and the plan as scheduled in SOOP Kitchen has been confirmed: it contains all requested campaigns and SC manoeuvres, incl star calibration alpha Leo
  • Note that there are more WOLs than expected. IORs would need to be planned taking these into account. Flight dynamics will relax these starting from LTP2 probably.
  • Schedule for STP100 and 101 is very tight: not much margin!
  • In order to make it work, we'll need to use the same MIB for STPs 100 to 103 (incl first 2 weeks LTP2). This MIB is expected on 15 May. Please make sure your necessary sequences make it to that release!
  • We propose to inform the IOR-writing team members in a dedicated telecon on 5 May