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◦       Reconnection:

▪       Interchange reconnection between open and closed field lines and its role in slow wind generation (coronal hole boundaries and intermediate areas of quiet Sun). To be studied for coronal holes in different locations and at different parts of the orbit (high latitude, perihelion).

▪       Identify coronal reconnection sites by measuring impulsive event material. Also identify possible reconnection sites by inferring the aspect ratio of current sheets (Pucci & Velli, 2014).

▪       Identify reconnection exhausts in the solar wind. How large are the reconnection rates and energy dissipation in current sheets?

▪       Current sheets inferred by determining the magnetic field geometries at local chromospheric heating sites (Fletcher et al., 2001).

▪       Identify and characterise the solar wind reconnection physics in current sheets with thickness down to the ion scales and smaller (Huttunen et al., 2007; Chen et al., 2007). [not necessarily at pelihelion]

▪       Photospheric reconnection (Borrero et al., 2010; Martínez Pillet et al., 2011; Borrero et al., 2013; Requerey et al., 2015).