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STATUSMIB nameRelease notesCorresponding FOPApplicability



New RPW burst mode sequences (for STP 171 targeted MIB)

PHI 2 new sequences + 1 sequence update (for use in STP172)


RPW sequence updates and EUI FSW related changes

For RPW -needed for STP179,  EUI  -no effect on SOC

can be used by all instruments from STP176

METIS & RPW updates for STP 180. Required for those instruments. Can be used by all others.

New MIBs are expected in from STP181 however the SOC will not update until STP187. 

STPs 183-187 will be opened on  MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (applicable from STP 180).

All instruments can therefore use MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (STP 180 MIB) for 183-187 for IORs.  Any IORs sent using a later MIB, need to also be compatible with MIB__20211118M32221PFMS001_SOL (STP 180 MIB). This is case for SPICE.

From STP 187 in January, instruments will be able to use the new MIB for IORs if needed.

MIB applicability

Once a planning block is open, you can continue to use the MIB with which the block was opened for the whole block, as long as there are no new MIB updates during that block affecting your instrument. However you must update to the new MIB for the next block.