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  • 2023-04-20: L_FULL_HRES_HCAD_Coronal-Dynamics at disk centre, led by Metis. 
    SOOP Coordinator: D. Spadaro
  • (Solar eclipse on Earth, potential collaboration with ALMA)
  • 2023-04-21: L_SMALL_HRES_HCAD_Slow-Wind-Connection, >3-days-long SOOP with daily tracking of the most likely connection point with the S/C - pVSTP 
    SOOP Coordinator: S. Yardley, A. James
  • 2023-04-24: R_SMALL_HRES_MCAD_Polar-Observations of North pole region, in coordination with South pole region being observed by Earth in parallel - pVSTP
    SOOP Coordinator: J. SinanSinjan

Opportunities after RSWs:

  • 2023-06-21: L_FULL_LRES_MCAD_Probe-Quadrature: Pointing to West limb for context to PSP perihelion and quadrature on 22 June 03:45 and 8:38 resp. 
    SOOP Coordinator: A. Zhukov