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SWA burst mode is scheduled and coordinated with the rest of the in situ payload. Current thinking is that there will be five minutes of 'protected' burst mode per day (on average - this will likely be weighted towards perihelion) and a further five minutes that can be traded off against triggers (for PAS and EAS). Scheduled burst mode replaces normal mode. PAS Burst mode is highly configurable, trading off cadence and angular/energy coverage. Duty Cycles on the previous page are calculated by assuming triggers occur with sufficient freqency that the second five minute scheduled burst is always replaced.

ProductCadence (s)Data Rate (bps)
2D Electron Pitch Angle Distribution0.125 
High time resolution 1D & 2D VDFs< 1 
Heavy ion rates and VDFs30 
Alpha rates and VDFs3 

Objectives for SWA Burst Mode

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