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PHI science mode 6 is PHI's mode to generate raw datasets. It is configured to generate every minute to hour a dataset of 24 raw images compressed slightly.

Designed for both HRT and FDT.



Cadence and binning

Resource usage


Instrument modesParameters (fixed vs variable)  Data rateData Vol/dayCommentsTypical time/orbit
 INVDATATRUNCCADENCEBINNINGBIT DEPTH  Allocated science datarate: 20 kbits/s during RSW 
 (bits)(s)n x n, provide n     
PHI_raw_FDT/HRT_610076160060-36001-447 - 6717.4472.1 - 69187.524 raw images, lossy compressedhours

To play around with parameters and the corresponding resource usage, see ObservationDataRateCalculator.xlsx

SOOP Kitchen observations:

see observation definitions as configured in SOOP Kitchen:

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