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Go to start of metadata Understand cometary properties and evolution by mapping the hydrogen Ly-α emission, proportional to the outgassing rate, along its trajectory close to the Sun (Raymond et al., 1998; Uzzo et al., 2001; Bemporad et al., 2005; Ciaravella et al., 2010).



Required observations:


      • Products:
        • Global maps in the field of view 1.5-2.9 degrees of HI Ly-α emission and of polarized VL emission in the range 580-640 nm.
      • Modes:
        • COMET, min. obs time 3 hr, data volume ≤ 715 Mb. Repeated several times, if necessary, in available observation windows.
      • Other instruments: EUI, SoloHI.


  • Long-term survey.

Other constraints: