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Plots are in GSE (geocentric solar ecliptic) coordinates, so Earth is at [0,0], the Sun is at [1,0]. The plot is the projection of the orbit on the ecliptic plane.

7th orbit & most of 8th orbit in NMP: 5 RS windows, S and N windows reach max latitude 21º.

RS window (default) placement

EXT Start
Safe Mode Comms Blackout

Largest Comms Roll

GAM Restrictions
MTP 11Perihelion2024-01-032024-01-072024-01-170.300.280.31-05.9910.3919.63105137170NONO-01NO
MTP 11NorthN/A2024-01-172024-01-270.310.360.4319.6321.2018.96170164148NONO85NO
MTP 11South2024-05-092024-05-132024-05-230.590.520.46-20.83-21.33-20.71112105094NONO00NO
MTP 11Perihelion2024-06-012024-06-052024-06-150.300.280.31-05.5010.9119.82042010023NONO00NO
MTP 11NorthN/A2024-06-152024-06-250.310.370.4319.8221.1618.84023049066NONO00NO


I_DEFAULT outside of RSwindows, L_IS_STIX on inside all RSwindows

MTP11 - First Perihelion window: 

MTP11 - First North window: very close to the Sun at a reasonable latitude

MTP11 - Second Perihelion window: 

  • one of the 3 closest perihelion windows, interesting for high-resolution science like R_SMALL_HRES_LCAD_FineScaleStructure (can be run on different targets for example)
  • If it fits TM wise, L_FULL_MRES_MCAD_Flare_SEPs  could be run here as well (depending on what has been scheduled in rest of MTP)
  • L_BOTH_MRES_MCAD_Flare-SEPs to run through this perihelion and upcoming north window: benefits of close distance + radial alignment with Earth. SPP would be big asset as well.

MTP11 - Second North window: 

Alternative plan for full set of second orbit - final 3 RSWs:

  • During this period, from 9 May to 25 June, we can run RS observations with minimal interruption (only 7 interwindow days between the South window and the extension start of the concatenated period).
    SC goes from -21º to +21º passing through one of the closest perihelia. This is particularly interesting for L_BOTH_LRES_MCAD_Pole-to-Pole SOOP.
    TM is low in that MTP period which is OK since this SOOP has quite low TM needs.


Modelled in SAP v0:

I_DEFAULT outside of RSwindows, L_IS_STIX on inside all RSwindows

MTP11 - First Perihelion window:  

MTP11 - First North window: L_SMALL_HRES_HCAD_Fast_Wind duration 3 days - EUI and PHI flush limited volume (still to be set in SOOP)

MTP11 - 2nd orbit (3 RSWs): 

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