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Proposed SOOP Coordinators

A. Vourlidas, D. Berghmans, J. Hirzberger, C. Owen, S. Parenti


In this SOOP, the spacecraft points at the modelled ballistic connection point, so this involves tracking. This is different from slow connection because it is intended to be used when PHI full disk imagery is needed to see behind the limb as viewed from Earth.

Default SOOP duration: 1 day

Pointing requirements: Off-pointing 

Triggers: only IS triggers enabled 

(Will be modelled with duration of 1 day so that it can be repeated as often as needed in a RSW.)


HRI in CH mode at cadence ~ 800s;

FSI continuously synoptic mode


N/ADoor closed

PHI/FDT synoptic program:
PHI_synoptic_FDT_4 at low cadence

at EID-A rate, ideally regular flushes;

Maybe better higher spatial resolution than true synoptics (TBC)


SoloHI: Nominal synoptic program

(currently modelled as HI_SYN_NEAR)


SPICE Composition Mapping & SPICE Dynamics interleaved

Use observation called SPICE_WIND_CONNECT in modelling.

(See SPICE Pseudo-observations for SOOPs)

STIXSTIX Normal Mode
EPDNormal Mode + regular burst modeClose mode until at least the end of RSW
MAGNormal Mode + regular burst mode
RPWNormal Mode + regular burst modeBurst Triggers Active, selective OK.
SWANormal Mode + regular burst mode

SAP objectiveTargetDurationOpportunity
(e.g., orbital requirements, solar cycle phase, quadrature ...)

Operational constraints 

Additional comments Trace streamer blobs and other structures through the outer corona and the heliosphere.
At least for 8 hrs, best several days.

Near-quadrature, so that SoloHI can image Earth-directed blobs

objective also addressed by L_FULL_HRES_HCAD_Coronal-Dynamics
Add connectivity objectives here

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  1. SOOP ID in SOOP Kitchen = LB3