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All presentations can be downloaded here.


SOWG#10 will take place at ESAC, Madrid, from Mon 10 to Wed 12 July 2017. Splinter meetings might be organised on Monday 10 July.



Bus Schedule

DateDeparture Arrival
Monday 10 July13:00 Madrid Hotel 

13:30 Hotel Majadahonda

13:45 ESAC

Monday 10 July18:30 ESAC 

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid Hotel

Tuesday 11 July08:00 Madrid Hotel 

08:30 Hotel Majdahonda

08:45 ESAC

Tuesday 11 July18:30 ESAC 

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid Hotel

Wednesday 12 July08:00 Madrid Hotel 

08:30 Hotel Majadahonda

08:45 ESAC

How to get to ESAC:

Taxi request form

  • We'll try to organize shared rides to the airport if departing times are similar:

Taxi request form (please, send them to our secretary

Map of Majadahonda

  • With the hotel and (some) restaurant locations:


Meeting Rooms B3 & B5 (Building B)

Monday 10 July

14:00 Ancillary Data Products (including sample SPICE kernels)

  • Sample SPICE kernels (Andrew)
  • Demo of Cosmographia/WebGeoCalc (Marc Costa)

14:45 Low Latency data and post-processing (Anik and David)

  • Post-processing data products
  • LL visualization

15:30 Break

16:00 Solar Orbiter Archive (Pedro)

  • SOAR status 
  • Science data product definition

17:00 MADAWG newsletter / MADAWG report / LL WG

18:00 Adjourn


Tuesday 11 July

9:00 Status of the Science Activity Plan (Yannis)

9:15 Long Term Planning exercise (IOSs)

(11:00) Coffee break

(13:30) Lunch

(16:00) Coffee break

18:00 Adjourn


Wednesday 12 July

9:00 Procedures and IORs

  • Instrument state model progress and procedure definition (MOC)
  • Instrument science modes modelling (SOC)

9:45 MIB database (MOC)

  • Current status
  • In-flight MIB format and distribution

10:15 Testing schedule and plans

11:00 Break

11:30 Potential Future Ops Issues (i-boom de-icing, SA lubrication).

12:00 Payload commissioning (MOC)

  • Plans for payload commissioning
  • Instrument input to commissioning for the interference campaign

12:45 EDDS access by instrument teams.

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Wrap up of the LTP exercise (IOSs)

15:30 Adjourn


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