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All presentations can be downloaded here.



Will depart from the 'Intercambiador Moncloa'  (Moncloa public transportation hub).

UPDATE from the bus company: The pick up point will be on Princesa street, next to number 88 as this is more convenient to proceed directly out of Madrid

Bus Schedule

Tuesday 16 January8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

 18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Wednesday 17 Jan8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

 18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Thursday 18 January8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majdahonda

9:15 ESAC

How to get to ESAC on your own:

Map of Majadahonda

  • With (some) restaurant locations:



Rooms available for splinters:

Some small side meetings have been already scheduled. To avoid collisions, please, talk to Luis if you would like to use any of these rooms

  • Tuesday afternoon: B12 and E18
  • Wednesday morning: B83
  • Thursday morning: B83


You should have received an email message with credentials to use the 'esa-conference' wifi network. You can also use 'eduroam' if you have an account. Find Luis if you have any problem.


We have been asked to go to the ESAC Canteen not earlier than 13:30. Please, respect the time, as people on site will organize themselves to avoid the 13:30 - 14:00 slot as much as possible, and the canteen will likely have long lines before that.


Please, contact our secretary with the request. She will also try to coordinate sharing taxis to the airport.


Tuesday 16 January 9:30

First part of mission level planning: Plan Cruise Phase Operations for the February 2020 trajectory (input to the SAP).

  • As input to the discussion, SOC has analysed the Cruise Phase of Feb 2020 and has prepared a first proposal for the location of RS checkout windows and their potential content.
    Please check it here: Feb 2020 Cruise Phase proposal for RS checkouts
  • SOC ideas about in situ science planning are available here: SOWG11_MLP_IS.pdf

The Cruise Phase planning session will be organised as follows:

  • Introduction to Mission Level Planning [SOC]
  • Presentation of Cruise Phase for Feb 2020 launch, incl. SOC proposal for RS checkouts [SOC]
  • Practical steps for the Mission Level Planning [SOC + SOWG]:
    • Discuss placement of RS checkouts - whole SOWG
    • Discuss any coordinated campaigns involving full payload - whole SOWG

13:30 Lunch (goes about here unless we have miscalculated)

    • Split us RS and IS group, to plan in more detail:
      • RS characterisation campaigns to run during each RSCW, incl. coordinated campaigns involving SC manoeuvres - RSWG
      • IS science campaigns to run outside and during RSCW - ISWG
      The high-level plan will be implemented using SOOP Kitchen
    • Check feasibility of high-level plan through rough constraint checking & discuss redistribution of data allocation if needed - SOC+SOWG

After the planning session, SOC will do more off-line constraint checks and optimisation to prepare for the 2nd MLP discussion on Thursday.

Wednesday 17 January 9:30

9:30 Finishing planning for RSCW #4

Technical discussions involving MOC and Project'.


13:30 Lunch


Thursday 18 January 9:30 (morning only)




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  1. Anonymous

    There is a problem with the link to SOWG11_MLP_All.pdf (Isaias Carrasco)

    1. Thank you for the comment Isaias. The problem should be fixed now.