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In March 2021, it was decided to change the typical duration of an LTP from 6 to 3 months, in order to allow Flight Dynamics to produce stable LTP input and to add flexibility by planning LTP closer to the execution dates. The orbit plots still have a six month duration, and the files are named accordinly, but each plot now covers two LTPs.

Additionally the apparent roll angle of the spacecraft with respect to Solar North has been added. This is defined as the angle between the the projection of the solar north rotational pole onto the spacecraft YZ plane and the spacecraft Z axis. This is based on planning files and reflects the current knowledge at the time of plot production.

Cruise Phase Orbit Plots by Half-Year (Updated April 2021)

Science phases  (Updated September 2021 with RSW and LTP dates for 2022)

Animated Versions of the Orbit Plots (Updated September 2021 with RSW and LTP dates for 2022)

Animations From 3DView

The following movies show the early mission trajectory, up to Earth GAM 1 when the Nominal Mission starts

The following movie files are also available, to be run in 3Dview (n.b. these have not been updated post-launch):

You can load the files in the tool through the menu ‘File/New Scene’ and then ‘File/Open File’. 
You can create your own scene, e.g. covering the whole mission, through ‘File/New Scene’ and then ‘File/Manage Scene’. You can also generate movies from the chosen scene.

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