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All presentations can be downloaded here.


Buses (same arrangement as last time):

The pick up point will be on Princesa street, next to number 88 as this is more convenient to proceed directly out of Madrid

Bus Schedule

DateDepartureArrivalBus registration
Monday, 9 July18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa


Tuesday, 10 July


8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

4619 HMN
 18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

4619 HMN
Wed, 11 July8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majdahonda

9:15 ESAC

4741 HBJ
 14:30 ESAC15:15 Madrid/Moncloa 

How to get to ESAC on your own:

Map of Majadahonda

  • With (some) restaurant locations:



Rooms available for splinters:

Some small side meetings have been already scheduled. To avoid collisions, please, talk to Luis if you would like to use any of these rooms


You should have received an email message with credentials to use the 'esa-conference' wifi network. You can also use 'eduroam' if you have an account. Find Luis if you have any problem.


We have been asked to go to the ESAC Canteen not earlier than 13:30. Please, respect the time, as people on site will organize themselves to avoid the 13:30 - 14:00 slot as much as possible, and the canteen will likely have long lines before that.


Please, contact our secretary with the request. She will also try to coordinate sharing taxis to the airport.


In preparation, more details to come

Monday, 9 July:

  • 13:30 (Room B5) -   RSWG splinter.
  • 14:00 (Room B3) -   ISWG splinter.
  • 16:00 (Room B65) - Low Latency WG splinter.

Tuesday, 10 July 9:30 (Rooms B3 & B5)

Matters with special interest to MOC and Project.

9:30 - Rooms B3 & B5

Wednesday 11 July 9:30 (Rooms B3 & B5)

Science Operations and Data related matters.

9:30 - Rooms B3 & B5




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