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If you are coming to ESAC next Monday, 21 January, please read on. There is a taxi strike being organized in Madrid and you are likely to be affected.

If you are arriving at the airport on Monday evening to go to a hotel in Madrid, the best course of action would be to take either the underground ("Metro") or train ("Cercanias").

We've been talking to the bus company to add a bus service on Monday, from the Madrid Airport terminals T2 and T4, stopping at the Moncloa Transport Hub and coming to ESAC. The timetable below may be affected by the traffic conditions which may be complicated by actions of the strikers. In any case, the bus will not depart before the time indicated in the table.

13:00    Madrid Airport Terminal 2 (bus parking area - on the left exiting the arrivals area).
13:15    Madrid Airport Terminal 4 (bus pickup area on arrivals)
13:45    Moncloa Transport Hub (Princesa street 88 - pick up point specified in the SOWG #13 page)
14:15    ESAC

This bus will not stop at Hotel Majadahonda. If you need transport from Hotel Majadahonda to ESAC on Monday, please, write to Luis Sanchez.

The start of the splinters on Monday will have to be delayed. Also, I am arranging to have some sandwiches ready at ESAC by the time the bus arrives so we can start as soon as possible.

See also below the times for the public bus 623 now linking Moncloa and ESAC (limited service only in the morning and evening).


The pick up point will be on Princesa street, next to number 88 as this is more convenient to proceed directly out of Madrid

Bus Schedule

Monday, 21 JanuarySee aboveSee above

18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Tuesday, 22 January

8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Wednesday, 23 January

8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

17:00 ESAC17:45 Airport T2, T4

17:00 ESAC

17:15 Hotel Majadahonda

17.45 Madrid/Moncloa

Thursday, 24 January

8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Friday, 25 January8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majdahonda

9:15 ESAC


(can be arranged)


How to get to ESAC on your own:

Public bus:

Bus 623 links the Moncloa Transport Hub in Madrid and ESAC (end of the line). It is a new service, which only comes all the way to ESAC twice in the morning and twice in the evening, departing Moncloa at 7:15, 8:15, 16:10 and 16:50 from platform 6, isle 1, in level -1 (underground).

Return services to Moncloa depart at 17:00 and 17:50.

Map of Majadahonda

  • With (some) restaurant locations:

Taxi Request Form (Mail it to as much in advance as possible.

Taxi request general from ESAC.pdf

if you cannot fill in the PDF form above, just email the same information to the address above.


In preparation, more details to come.

During the meeting, a 2nd rehearsal of the Long Term Planning process will be held, exercising science planning of a 6-months planning period in NMP. Context and preparation for this LTP exercise can be found in SOWG 13 LTP planning: Context and Preparations

SOWG #13 - Rooms B3/B5

Monday 21 January afternoon

  • ISWG splinter
    • List of derived parameters to be implemented in the final stage of LL post-processing
    • Cruise phase planning: data rates, coordination with Probe, etc. 
    • Status of the ISWG paper 
  • RSWG splinter (starting at 13:30)
    • Consolidation of the SPROUTS proposal
    • Status of the RSWG paper
    • In-flight intercalibration
    • Cruise phase plans (calibration plans & position of checkout windows)

  • LLWG splinter. In room B065. Starting at 15:00.
    • Draft agenda circulated by email to group.

Tuesday 22 January

Wednesday 23 January

    • Brief description of our current plan decided in January 2018 (incl some context slides not shown during the meeting)
    • Cruise phase characteristics (incl some context slides not shown during the meeting)

    • Placement of RSCWs for the whole phase
    • Questions that need to be answered today
    • How sensitive is the RSCW1 on the exact launch date? (SOC input)
    • Star calibrations happening around RSCW1 (RSWG input)
    • Coordination with PSP  (input from SoloHI/WISPR team)

MADAWG - Rooms B3/B5 (Room changed due to facility logistics at ESAC)

Thu-Fri 24-25 January: MADAWG

MADAWG Agenda as compiled by Alexis Rouillard on 14 Jan.

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