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During the SOWG #11 meeting in Madrid (16-18 January 2018), and with the delegated authority given to it by the SWT during SWT #21, we produced a baseline mission level plan for the entire Cruise Phase based on a February 2020 launch (see minutes for details). This plan will be followed in absence of any other agreement. 

At that time the Parker Solar Probe orbit was not yet known with sufficient accuracy and the SOWG agreed to reconvene after PSP launch in order to tweak the plan if needed. This will be done at SWT-level during the Mini-SWT meeting on 23 January 2019 at ESAC. The goal is to take a final decision at least for the first 6-months period of the Cruise Phase, which includes the first Remote Sensing Checkout Window. This decision will have to be formally approved at SWT #24 in Florence (2-4 April 2019), after which there will be limited possibility to change the first 6-months plan.

During the meeting we will have to answer the following questions:

1) Do we keep the number, location and duration of the RS Checkout Windows as agreed in January 2018?

2) Do the in-situ instruments agree with where their telemetry is focused across the entire Cruise Phase?

3) Has anything changed in the calibration plans (in particular for RS instruments) that would mean that the current plan for the cruise phase would no longer be feasible?

In particular for question 1, we have compiled a table with advantages, disadvantages and alternatives for each scenario. This table can be found in SOWG 13 Cruise Phase MLP: Questions to be answered and will be continuously updated with comments/additions from the instrument teams.

Since the documentation is quite extensive (see links below) and the planning is now real, we would appreciate that all instrument teams prepare sufficiently before the meeting and give their opinion on the plan and their answer to the above questions by January 18. 


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