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All presentations can be downloaded here as a single zip file.



See also below the times for the public bus 623 now linking Moncloa and ESAC (limited service only in the morning and evening).

The pick up point will be on Princesa street, next to number 88 as this is more convenient to proceed directly out of Madrid

Bus Schedule

Tuesday, 9 July13:00 Madrid/Moncloa13:30 ESAC

18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Wednesday, 10 July

8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

18:30 ESAC

18:45 Hotel Majadahonda

19:15 Madrid/Moncloa

Thursday, 11 July

8:30 Madrid/Moncloa

9:00 Hotel Majadahonda

9:15 ESAC

14:00 ESAC (bus)

14:30 ESAC (minibus)

14:45 Airport (T1+T2, then T4)

15:00 Madrid/Moncloa

How to get to ESAC on your own:

Public bus:

Bus 623 links the Moncloa Transport Hub in Madrid and ESAC (end of the line). It is a new service, which only comes all the way to ESAC twice in the morning and twice in the evening, departing Moncloa at 7:15, 8:15, 16:10 and 16:50 from platform 6, isle 1, in level -1 (underground).

Return services to Moncloa depart at 17:00 and 17:50.

Map of Majadahonda

  • With (some) restaurant locations:

Taxi Request Form (Mail it to and as much in advance as possible.

Taxi request general from ESAC.pdf

if you cannot fill in the PDF form above, just email the same information to the address above.


SOWG #14 - Rooms B3/B5

Tuesday 9 July 14:00

  • RSWG splinter (Room B3)
    1. Coordinated co-registration campaigns
    2.  Flat field maneuvers: definition and participation? of instruments other than EUI/FSI and PHI/FDT
    3. Update on star observations
    4. SOC questions:
      • EUI & PHI annealing campaigns: are they needed during cruise, if so when?
      • Heat shield doors operations during LTP01: which instrument? when?
      • Which currently scheduled observations will break or put instrument at risk if spacecraft events would be scheduled during the operation?
    5. Pointing visualization tools
    6. Status of the RSWG paper

SOC presentation with RSWG decisions in green: 20190709_RSWGcalibrationManoeuvres_final.pdf
         Note that the finalisation of the calibration campaigns during RSWG (and the few updates during the planning meeting later) led to the release of the following documents:
         Solar Orbiter Cross-like Straylight Calibration PatternSolar Orbiter Limb-pointing Alignment Calibration PatternSolar Orbiter Star Calibration (and already existing Solar Orbiter EUI / PHI flatfield TN)

Wednesday 10 July

9:15 Project and operational matters

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Cruise Phase science operations planning

LTP for initial portion of Cruise Phase (2020). Pre-planning points to tackle:

  • Introduction of non-standard planning (no FECS) 
  • Result of Action Items on RSWG and ISWG on the overlying Mission Level Plan (MLP)
  • Presentation of current status of Long Term Plan (extract from MLP)
  • Confirmation of observations that are sensitive to platform activities

Coordinated Long Term Planning Activity including

  • Coordination of IS operations during RS checkout window 
  • Best use of unused downlink at start of Cruise
  • Any updates needed to individual instrument timelines

SOOP Kitchen handout incl. new features since SOOP Kitchen v7.0

Thursday 11 July

9:15 Science Ground Segment general issues.

Status of LTP (SOC)

Next SOWG.

Adjourn at lunch time

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