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  • None this time.


  • Syslog severity levels in messages. Review email from RC 2016-10-10.
  • VM status - Engineering.
  • VM product status.
  • AOB

Discussion items

Syslog severity levels in messagesIn response to a question (from whom, and exactly when, he couldn't remember) RC reminded the group of the email from 2016-10-10 describing the minimum set of events the SOC would like LLVMs to log, and including the Syslog format logging scheme description provided by Koen.
Update to CDF ICDAW alerted the meeting to the pending update to the CDF ICD and the Metadata Standard. This is to take account of the possibility of multiple quality flags in one file, and is relevant to EPD and SWA. The intention is to make these consistent with multiple SCETs and EPOCHs.
VM Status - engineering.

Accompanying table updated. Information which does not fit there as follows:

EPD - AW mentioned that he was aware a new VM version was in process as needed to handle new product definition and consequent packet changes.

SWA - 00.06.06 fixes all the previously outstanding issues. However handling of the new HIS dataset is pending, as is the modification of quality flag handling to match the standard updates mentioned above.

PHI - DG says currently updating the documentation to match the sample product files provided to the SOC. But currently lacking development effort on the VM. The on-board processing is still evolving, but the new document is largely ready and should be provided to the SOC by the end of the week.

SoloHI - Lynn is taking into account the file content comments she has from Anik. The next step is the (on-ground) testing of the on-board S/W update. And then the production of new LL01 files and  a new LLVM.

Metis - The SOC failed to send feedback on the testing of the new Metis VM delivered at the end of June. RC will send the results to MP.

SPICE - Terje mention the delivery of LLVM 01.01.00 at the end of June. This creates more keywords in the products describing e.g. missing packets. The details of this are rather provisional. He will soon update the LLDPDD and probably also change how the missing packets are described in the header. A new VM can be expected in September.

MAG - Isaias regretted that he wasn't able to deliver a new VM before the telecon as he had indicated he would try to do. He understood the reasons RC had asked for this. He now expects to deliver a new VM by the end of September or start of October.

VM product status

EUI - AdeG mentioned that the SOC would like the EUI team to review the LL02 files that we produce. We have some created from the LL01 files from the EUI LLVM and we are performing some internal checks on these. The SOC will then pass these to EUI for their assessment. LL03 will come later.

Metis - DW mentioned that there was some work pending from him to provide some answers relating to treatment of lightcurves, and feedback re the products from the recent VM.


MP noticed that RC had forgotten to include the Log file naming issue (correctly listed as done in preparatory actions) in the agenda. This relates to a Metis behaviour archiving the old log with an extension which begins with 'log' e.g. 'XXXXXXXX.log-20190929'. RC indicated that this is not a problem. The SEGU rule is that the currently log must be the only file with the precise extension '.log'. Other variants including the word log are fine.

It was decided to have the next telecon on the 9th of October.

Preparatory Actions

Syslog Severity - Review email from RC 2016-10-10.

Log file naming. Review what in SEGU. See email from Maurizio 2019-06-14.

New Actions