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This page contains a list of possible opportunities for coordinated science to be carried out between Solar Orbiter and Bepi Colombo. The orbits of the spacecraft were simply analysed by eye to pick out events like radial alignments, periods when the spacecraft are at the same heliocentric distance, and periods of quadrature. An animation of the GSE projection of both orbits, along with other information (more geared towards Solar Orbiter) that was the basis for the analysis can be found here: Orbit_Feb2020_Bepi.mp4. A relevant from from the animation has been extracted for each of the opportunities listed below.

Note this list is incomplete. If you would like any additions let us know.

DateSOLO PhaseBepi PhaseSOLO RBepi RNotesOrbit Plot
2020-12-06Cruise (LTP02)Cruise0.820.82Same radial distance, 30 degrees separation in longitude. NAV window for Solar OrbiterGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP02_202012061158_bc.png
2021-10-03Cruise (LTP04)



Radial alignment. In view of Earth and STEREO-A. PSP at 0.8 AU about 20 degrees behind in longitude

2022-03-06Nominal (LTP05)Cruise0.50.4About 60 degrees separation in longitude, Bepi in SoloHI FoV? First RSWGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP05_202203062358_bc.png
2022-10-21Nominal (LTP06)Cruise0.350.35Same radial distance. 20 degrees separation in longitude. 5 degrees separation in latitude. Both in view of Stereo A & Earth. PSP at aphelion, radial with SOLO. GSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP06_202210211158_bc.png
2022-11-03Nominal (LTP06)Cruise0.520.31Quadrature during North RSW BC not in SoloHI FoVGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP06_202210211158_bc.png
2023-03-14Nominal (LTP07)Cruise0.60.4Radial Alignment about 5 degree separation in latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP07_202303141158_bc.png
2023-03-22Nominal (LTP07)Cruise0.480.48Same heliocentric distance 5ish degrees separation in lat & lonGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP07_202303221158_bc.png
2023-03-29Nominal (LTP07)Cruise0.40.55Radial alignment, RSW, Sun-Earth line, 6ish degrees separation in LatitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP07_202303291158_bc.png
2023-06-26Nominal (LTP07)Cruise0.950.3Radial alignment, more or less the same latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP07_202306261158_bc.png
2023-10-13Nominal (LTP08)Cruise0.320.32Quadrature, same latitude, same heliocentric distance, BC not in SoloHI FoV. Easy shift of RSW?GSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP08_202310131158_bc.png
2024-02-11Nominal (LTP09)Cruise0.850.35Radial alignment, same latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP09_202402111158_bc.png
2024-04-01Nominal (LTP09)Cruise0.280.6Radial alignment, also with PSP (0.2 AU - outbound) BC & solo same latitude, PSP a couple of degrees out.GSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP09_202404011158_bc.png
2024-05-19Nominal (LTP09)Cruise0.80.35Radial alignment, a few degrees difference in latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP09_202405191158_bc.png
2024-12-03Nominal (LTP10)Cruise0.90.35Radial alignment, same latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP10_202412031158_bc.png
2025-03-19Nominal (LTP11)Cruise0.40.4a few degrees separation in longitude, either side of Sun-Earth line. RSW 20 degrees separation in latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP11_202503191158_bc.png
2025-05-26Nominal (LTP11)Cruise0.820.32Radial alignment, far side, 10 degrees latitude separationGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP11_202505261158_bc.png
2025-11-23Nominal (LTP12)Cruise0.820.32Radial alignment, far side, 10 degrees latitude separation. Just before Mercury arrival  GSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP12_202511231158_bc.png
2027-07-17Extended (LTP16)Extended0.350.352 degrees separation in longitude. 20ish in latitudeGSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP16_202707171158_bc.png
2027-11-20Extended (LTP16)Extended0.350.4Radial alignment, RSW, Upstream monitor for Mercury, but 25 degree lat separation. GSE_Orbit_Plot_LTP16_202711201158_bc.png

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