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At SWT#25 (16-17 Oct 2019, ESTEC), no SWT decisions are needed, as LTP2 (= Jul-Dec 2020, the 6-month planning period starting 9months from now) had been planned already at Long Term Planning Level, together with LTP1.

The existing MLP for Cruise and LTP plans for May-Dec 2020 are shown as a reminder.

MLP work done between SWT#24 and SWT#25

  • The existing plan for the Cruise Phase has been upgraded by SOC to be compatible with the new observation definitions provided by the instrument teams (version 7.1), and simulation revised.

  • An erroneous value in last PHI flush of RSCW1 was rectified.
  • The upgraded MLP plan, in the version prior to SWT#25, is available in SOOP Kitchen:
  • Note that the first 2 planning periods, LTP1 and LTP2, ranging from May to Dec 2020, have been planned in more detail (Long Term Planning level) by the SOWG during SOWG #14 - July 2019. The SOOP Kitchen links are available from the LTP pages LTP1 and LTP2.

Required planning during SWT#25

  • None, only recap of the current plan and next steps in planning.
  • All presentations of SWT#25 will be available from (follow the links ‘Science Team’→’SWT Documents’, file

Decisions made at meeting

  • Minutes of the meeting: To be added

SOOP Kitchen plan - status after SWT#25

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